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[Random Song] “What am I to you?” – [HISTORY]

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Wohoo – My first English article! And I immediately start with something… Lazy xD
Seriously, I’d love to make a full Review of this song, but I kinda lack the time at the moment. I’ll probably take the time when the band has her comeback on Monday ♥
(Lucky me, I just got into a new band and they’re having a comeback right now. Lucky me.)
Okay, enough said, you have to check this song out:

History - What am i to you

Title: What am I to you?
Album: Blue Spring
Language: Korean
Released: 2013

To be honest I’ve never heard anything about HISTORY, and just stumbled across them because of a Thread talking about Mv’s that were shot in foreign cities. This music video was shot in Berlin, my home countries capital city ♪
But it’s nowhere near the sight-seeing, glorifying videos a lot of artists produce – It shows all the ugly and scruffy parts of Berlin.
Dirty streets, unfriendly people, abandoned buildings… The atmosphere is melancholic and depressing.
Why am I talking about this video so much instead of the song itself?
It’s because the video sets a very haunting atmosphere that gives the song the final push from being good to being great.
The lyrics are actually not that ecxiting, almost plain – About some girl that keeps giving him false hope, only to push him away again – but the voices and the melody(In combination with the video) give this song it’s character.
I think I especially like the first part of the song – The rapper has a very smooth voice and his use of English is also really… Yeah, smooth.
The refrain has this retro-feeling to it, without being trashy. It’s very fresh among a lot of other songs that are being released at the moment.
I’m not yet sure if this choreography is genius or ridiculous, though xD

I took some screenshots(Though it was tough not to take EVERY screenshot possibly since I really took a liking to this video), so you might want to check them out, to get a first impression:

HISTORY - What am I to you3Yeah, no pristine history buildings here. This is the ugly reality for a lot of city parts. Somehow Berlin’s way of being prestigious yet totally run-down is fascinating. At least to me. Somehow it just works.

HISTORY - What am I to you2
I also think that the boys are quite good actors.

HISTORY - What am I to you4I mean, look at this incorporation of misery. (Absinth, the devious green fairy! ;)

HISTORY - What am I to you5Look at this misery, as if fallen out of a painting.

HISTORY - What am I to you    All of this has such a Retro-DDR-like appeal. As if I was watching an old movie at school. Thooough our protagonists didn’t use to be that handsome.

You should absolutely check this Song out and give the band a chance. Even if it’s just for listening to some people shouting German words or seeing the prettily run-down city ;)

Minnie ♪


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