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5 Korean songs that are (positively) Creepy!

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“Positively Creepy”, you ask? Well, I can only talk for me, but I freakin’ love creepy songs. Songs that keep haunting me with their melody and their disturbing lyrics. Today I’m going to recommend some songs that give me goosebumps!
Actually I know far more Japanese songs of that sort, but I’ll start with the Korean ones today. Let the fun(?) begin:

1. Psycho – History

Let’s start out with a new song! Psycho from History doesn’t hold back in the least and gives us some direct insight into a rejected boyfriend that turns into a living nightmare:

Did you think you’d be done with me if we broke up?
Well, you thought wrong

There’s nobody by your side tonight.
[…] and once everybody who might see is deep asleep
I’ll go get you.

The playful tone they use along with the soothing, yet odd voice that seems to smile while singing… *shudder*

2. Hyde – VIXX

One cannot list creepy K-Pop songs without mentioning VIXX, who pretty much got famous through this kind of songs. It wasn’t easy to choose just one, but I settled on ‘hyde’. Here we dive into the mind of a shizophrenic person, and the lyrics clearly show the endless drastic inner confliction:

Don’t leave (leave me)
I love you (no I hate you)
You know me (no, you don’t know)

It doesn’t stay with the two-faced personality, though. There are some lines, that refer to the second personality as hostile and destructive to an extent which deeply scares the protagonist and makes him cling onto his love even more desperatly.

The devil you saw last night was not me
Actually, I don’t really remember myself, I think I’m crazy
There is a different person that’s not me inside of me
He’s trying to hurt me

It makes me feel the heavy and constricted atmosphere. Aaa~nd gives me goosebumps. Especially during the harsh bridge.

3. Shadow – f(x)

Now this song is completely different from the other ones. Yupp, still talking about love. But the song is overly happy and cute. Eerily cute. Happy tinkling goes along with cute voices that sing a song, that could even be a bubbly, but normal love song under different circumstances. Not a creepy song about a female stalker.

When the sun rises, I walk in sync and together with you
I am really really into you

Day by day, we resemble each other more and more
Your laughter and tears, I know it all
I really really like you

And that’s what is so fascinating about this song – Countless cute girlbands sing lyrics like that all day long, but with just another perspective it can be so… Scary.

4. HAPPY – Yano (Topp Dogg)

There used to be another song here, but I had to scratch that one, when I read the translation to this song. I already assumed this kind of text, but there hasn’t been any translation around. Now that there is… This must be the most explicit and gory song on this list. Aaa~nd it’s written by an 18 year-old. Gives us a good image of his mind? I won’t blame him, since I’ve always been into these kind of songs.

“What are you doing [here]?” you ask me once again
It’s not anything unusual, but I reveal the present that I’ve prepared
It’s coming out fucked up, that bastard’s head

Minah-ya, don’t cry, I said don’t cry you bitch
I love you, now you just have to be happy with me

Maybe the song is still kinda clumsy, but I love it anyway. His flow supports the words in a really… Can you even call it a ‘nice’ way? I don’t think I have to mention the effect the mash up with Pharell’s Happy has on those lyrics.

5. Sacramental Confession – Bang Yong Guk

Let’s save the best for last, huh? B.a.p’s leader Bang Yongguk isn’t your normal idol rapper. He isn’t even that much of a typical idol. Rather quiet and reclusive he is the one to write deep messages into the bands’ songs. But when he’s all on his own he does songs like this. And it’s just sooo Yongguk. I can just imagine him sitting in his small recording room at four in the morning, melancholically and deep in thought… Producing something like this. I really don’t think there’s any need to explain what makes this song haunting. Right?

I’m in hell, burning passion
I’m the new generation
Open your eyes now open your eyes and spindle a spider web
As you hold onto one another, scream in breaking all the boards

Oooo~kay Yongguk. It’s gonna be alright. Good thing he seems to be able to relieve all his stress into his music.

So, those were some creepy songs that came to my mind! There were all kinds, from sickenly sweet to outright bloody – If anyone knows more songs like that… You see I have quite a creepy taste of my own, so feel free to suggest me anything :)
Minnie ♥


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