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[Random Song] – “Delilah” from BIGFLO

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…What is there to say in my defense?
I can only be honest:
Guilty Pleasure.
Guilty. Pleasure. Damn, I wasn’t planning on paying attention to this band in the first place…

Title: Delilah
Artist: BIGFLO
Language: Korean
Released: 2014

Why I shouldn’t like this song:
As I said, I wasn’t planning on paying attention to them, just because they seem so un-innovative. Another Hip Hop group, even beginning with a ‘B’ again, naming their artists Ron and High Top. RON, as in Harry Potter-Ron and High Top, which sounds like a mixture between T.O.P and a Fake-Beyblade. Seriously.
Second, the video is neither interesting, nor is the styling.

But then, why the heck do I like it?
This is a good question, and there is only one answer:
…It is just so damn catchy! It’s a nice change to have the rough Rapper-voice doing the Chorus and being the main attraction. The song also sounds kinda like a German Retro-Rock-Something-Song with all the rough and almost unmelodic outburst of Energy. But that’s also what kinda attracts me to it. Odd enough, but it appeals to me, just because it’s so powerful and wild.
This one might not be for everyone, but I’ll surely watch out for their songs now.
Though I refuse to accept those stage names. Ever.

…Still, you should check the song out, it gets stuck in your head at the first listen!
(And that should mean something, since I first heard it while applying make up. Normally I don’t pay attention to anything thats playing, then.)
Minnie ♥


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