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[Review] Musicvideo “TOP DOG” from Topp Dogg

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Man, all these creative titles nowadays.
TOP DOG… From… Topp Dogg! Reminds me of a German comedian.
I still have enough material for an EXO Review, but I lack the time and prioritize Topp Dogg right now, since they deserve a lot more attention than they’re getting at the moment~!

I can imagine Topp Dogg being a challenge for new listeners, since there are 13 faces and all. Everyone who knows the name of SuJu or Exo probably knows what I’m talking about. This also made a great challenge of doing proper screenshots. I tried to catch every member equally, but it was almost impossible for some members.

I will also shortly introduce every Topp Dogg member to help new fans to get into the band, so don’t give up on them yet :)

So lets see what we have here~
First we’re gonna take a look at the overall setting.
TOP DOG - SettingWelcome to the Wild West… Just kidding. This musicvideo is inspired by the movie Mozart, in which Salieri, an Italian componist, appears as a direct enemy to Mozart. We won’t be criticising historical correctness here, since it’s all about the battle between…

TOP DOG - Setting (9)Mozart… A.k.a B-Joo with his Cotton-Candy-Afro

TOP DOG - Setting (8)…And Salieri, a.k.a Hansol, who sports a pale vampire-like look.

TOP DOG - Setting (4)Both are having a musical battle on their CGI-instruments. Which are, if I might add, pretty awesome, unlike a lot of other CGI-catastrophies I’ve witnessed in Kpop videos(*cough*Vixx*cough*).
I’m especially fond of the blue instrument for it has this glass-like look to it ♥

Throughout this battle the members are seperated in two teams, which is quite visible at the clothing. Before introducing everyone individually, I’ll list them first to give a better overview.
ToppDogg - TOP DOG
Team Mozart(starting left):
Sangdo – Hojoon – Nakta – Jenissi – Seogoong – B-Joo

Team Salieri(starting left as well):
Hansol – A-Tom – Gohn – P-Goon – Yano – Xero

We’ll talk about them later – Let’s get back to the ‘story’:

TOP DOG - Setting (3)Aaas I was saying… Mozart and Salieri are fighting until dawn and into the night to present us with more splendid CGI-effects. Every now and then one of them takes a hit, but still there is no end in sight…

TOP DOG - Setting (5)…And Salieri introduces the climax with his earth-bending move.

TOP DOG - Setting (7) Which gets countered by Mozarts Army of Zombies. No, in all seriousness now, in the end they’re all dancing together.

TOP DOG - Setting (2)While they’re dancing the CGI-battle is busily proceeding with a firework of lights.

TOP DOG - Setting 9Who won in the end? That’s a good question, but Mozart seems to remain in the upper hand until the end.

Conclusion of the Setting;

Overall I really like this setting. It’s essentially simple, since it stays in one location. A lot of different locations would only add to the burden of showcasing the big number of members. Especially at night everything has a nice atmosphere and the camera usage kinda reminds me of their debut Mv Say it. The CGI effects really surprised me. Who would have guessed with those teasers? Still, they’re not cheaply dine and therefore I really enjoyed them – Maybe not the Zombie-Army-one, but ok.

Do I even have to mention my love for this song? It’s totally my style, 100%. On top of that they were brave enough to embed classical tunes in their song – And not only as a vague touch or idea, but they fully integrated it into their instrumental track and their outfits. My love for this song. And to those outfits:

The Fashion:

FashionTopp Dogg’s warderobe has always been one of my favourites in the K-Pop area, next to Bigbang, Block B and B.a.p.
They broke the B-Combo!
This time they didn’t disappoint me, either. The main costume set is in black and white and strongly incorporates historical influences. The second set includes an addition of red vests to the simple shirts and trousers, which weakens the historical impression a little, while the final set is almost completely white with tinges of silver and red and free of any historical ideas. This one is purely Hip-Hop-ish.

FahionI’ll never grow tired of this man-skirts. Ever.
What appeals to me as well is the mixture between black and white. The ‘white’ Mozart-Team also has black details, the same goes for the Salieri Team. That completes the outfits and gives them a certain harmony. Oh, and even though some black outfits have a lot of white components, the teams can easily be told apart.

TOP DOG - Seogoong 2I’m still not sure about what to think of those outfits. On the one hand I like this red. And I like leather, too. But here, at the example of Seogoong, I feel that the combination with the scarf is a bit… Too much.
Setting (6)The white outfits are actually pretty cool(I want those trousers. Now.), but I think they include a little too much silver; its kinda… Flamboyant? As a nice detail they are still wearing matching shoes according to their team ;)

The Choreography:

TOP DOG - Choreo
As usual Topp Dogg provides us with an interesting choreography – You alwas ought to get a little creative if you have to involve this amount of people. But this music video does not focus on the dance that much, so its recommended to watch a live performance for the full view of it. Once in a while you catch a glimpse at someone doing acrobatic-like moves, but then it’s over before you realise it – It’s ok, I’ll watch the video again… And again…

Introducing Topp Dogg:

Alright, I think it’s time to introduce the members ♪
For all of those who didn’t go through the hassle of learning their names yet – Pay attention, here comes a simple introduction!
Maybe you’ll be able to find at least one interesting person among them that can spark your interest in Topp Dogg ♪
Let’s start with team Mozart(Who else is reminded of TeamBella and Edward? Seriously, I don’t even like Twilight!):

TOP DOG - MozartHere we have our main actor: B-Joo
One cannot deny that his hairstyle kinda dominated the talk about the comeback. Be it a fan or not, upon seeing this hair, everyone went: This. Hair. O__O
Was it a smart marketing idea or a crime? Or maybe a bit of both?
It’s clearly a “Love it – Hate it”-thing. And I have to admit, I’m starting to like it, which scares me. A lot.
Besides that I really enjoyed his acting – His facial expressions were very beautiful.

TOP DOG - SeogoongSeogoong, one of the main vocals, had his well-deserved spotlight in this song. Not only does he sport blue hair while his bandmates have mostly natural haircolours, he also sings one of the most memorable parts in the song, which is even in English. “Do the right thing~” – We probably all know to appreciate those minor sing-along parts, right? ♪

TOP DOG - Jenissi 2Dang – I’m not gonna hide it – Jenissi has always been my favourite out of Topp Dogg. First, I’ve always had a thing for rappers, second he has a really unique voice and flow. Really, his flow is totally sick. He usually only raps 1 to 2 half sentences in a time the other rappers use to tell their life-story, but he still totally owns the song! His part in this song was especially short, but his cool hairstyle (almost) makes up for it :)

TOP DOG - Nakta 2Here we have Nakta, who… Looks SO handsome in this Mv. They nicknamed him camel – Where do you see a camel? Where? xD
Even though Nakta has one of the most unique faces in Topp Dogg(which makes him easy to remember), I never paid a lot of attention to him so far. In this video he really stands out for me, though, and his lines are also quite catchy. Since he is one of the tallest in the band he seems even more impressive in this long coat – On top of that he posseses an elegant demeanor. Gotta pay more attention to him in the future.

TOP DOG - HojoonHojoon went back to wearing glasses! He’s from the performance-department of Topp Dogg and excels in Street Dance. Even though he doesn’t get a lot of spotlight in this video he manages to make the most of his cuts – The combination of his charisma, gestures and his signature ‘Harry Potter’-image? ;)

TOP DOG - SangdoThis nice guy here is Sangdo, who looks like a badass rapper. Thoughh he’s neither overly badass, nor a rapper for a fact. It’s quite the opposite: He possesses one of the strongest voices in the group. We pray for him to be able to get rid of his ‘Cold’ image in the future ;) While he had only 2 or 4 seconds or so in Arario, he gets more time to shine in this one… Go, Sangdo!

TOP DOG - SalieriIntroducing the main antagonist Salieri!
What’s immediately striking, is the huge transformation Hansol went through – As well as the fact that this look does not really suit him at all in my opinion! His overly pale face, the black rimmed and piercing eyes, the blue and greyish hair, and not to forget the dismissive and arrogant facial expressions. All of this doesn’t flatter the happy sunshine Hansol at all. In this case I gotta say, that a warm smile and happiness really are able to change the overall impression(And Hansol has to be one of the most bubbly and radiating persons I’ve ever encountered). But still… All of those aspects that may not suit his usual character, are perfect for expressing the envious and grudging Salieri. I really want to compliment his mimique – It was just perfect and I think he had a lot of fun while acting Salieri out.

TOP DOG - A-TomA-Tom, one of the Rappers, had the second-most attention-catching look in this video. Up to today he used to stand out through ridiculous palm-tree-like hairstyles, but this time he’s taking it to an extremely different direction and dresses in a strongly feminine style – The fans seem to love it so far! I personally like this look as well, especially the hat, but I can see that’s not for everyone. Skill-wise I think of him as a clean and stable rapper and his part is catchy as always.

TOP DOG - GohnOne of the Main Vocals and the most impressive voice from Topp Dogg(again, my opinion) has Gohn here. Sadly, he doesn’t have too much screentime throughout the video, but he still uses it to prove his impressive vocals once again :)

TOP DOG - P-GoonYou wouldn’t believe it, but this is the bandleader – P-Goon. Even though the two main actors are from the performance team, P-Goon doesn’t miss his chance to stand out respectively. At least I read a lot of comments pointing out his good looks and charm and therefore asking for the name of ‘this attractive guy’. He definitely has a strong charisma.
TOP DOG - YanoI’d be a liar if I stated that Yano has not always been one of my favourites. Still, in this song his part is my personal highlight. Damn, his maknae sure knows how to steal the spotlight. Unfortunately I really dislike his styling. He does look like the little spoiled brat from a historical family, but… Something about this just doesn’t appeal to me. Must be the hairstyle.

TOP DOG - XeroLast but not least this is Xero, who is surprisingly the one responsible for the “T-O-Double-P/T-O-Double-G” Hook. One wouldn’t guess this rough voice belonged to this pretty face, right? It was really tough to get a nice screenshot from him, since he’s continuosly in motion as he’s the Main Dancer. Next to Mozart and Salieri he has the most memorable role. And the award for the best supporting role goes tooo…~ Xero! ;)

Let’s end our lesson on Topp Dogg here – Any questions? No?
Well, then let’s get to the…:


All in one I really like ‘TOP DOG’ ♪
Letting aside some minor details(Yanos’ styling, the Zombie-Army-thing, ect.) I’m really happy with this comeback! It’d be nice if Topp Dogg would be able to gain access to a bigger audience with this. They surely are trying to be creative – A Daft-Punk-like CGI battle between Mozart and Salieri, which almost counts as a rap battle? Ever seen something like that? I didn’t. And damn, it works. No idea why, but it works. And I’m loving it.

Even though it was tough to find suitable close-ups, I’m gonna provide you with pretty screencaps I just don’t wanna keep to myself:

TOP DOG - A-Tom 2A-Tom, this looks an aweful lot like the German handsign teachers make to silence their kids – ‘The hushing fox, shhh~!’ xD

TOP DOG - B-JooB-Joo really enjoyed himself, didn’t he? I gotta say – I like this milkshake colour of his hair. Only the colour. Right…

TOP DOG - Hojoon 2Somehow I’m absolutely in love with this simple picture. The colours and the simple outft are probably the key. Hojoon has jus a great style.

TOP DOG - JenissiJenissi and his doe-like eyes ♪

TOP DOG - NaktaI wasn’t kidding when I called Nakta handsome. Seriously, why do I have so many screenshots showing only him?! Such a poser! ;)

TOP DOG - Salier 2This is by far my most favourite screenshot. Like an Anime come to real-life! ♥

TOP DOG - Yano 2I’ll never get over the fact that this cute boy has such a rough and fierce voice. I’ll also never get over the fact that this cute Maknae is by far the most bad-ass one from Topp Dogg.

vlcsnap-2014-06-15-12h35m04s193More Anime-Live-Action dreams come true! Could be a snapshot from a Final Fantasy Movie ♪

Woah, I really babbled a lot about this video. Couldn’t recall the last time I wrote this much in English o_o
Hopefully I could convince someone to give Topp Dogg a chance ♪
Though its tough to try memorizing all of their faces and names, you should give the video a try~
(Besides that the official videoclip has subtitles including name tags in the Captions.)
Even if you’re not interested in their names and stuff, it’s an enjoyable video :)

Greetings from
Minnie ♥


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