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[Random Song] – “Forever Young” from [Got7]

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I’ll be straight-forward now: I’m really not a big fan of Got7’s “A”.
If I would be even more honest I’d confess that it sometimes annoys me to the point of skipping it.
But there’s another song from their minialbum that secured them my continuous attention in the future:


Title: Forever Young
Artist: GOT7
Language: Korean
Album: GOT♥︎
Year: 2014
Musicvideo: None – Therefore a subbed one(Love for the subbers, as always ♥):

This song obviously stands out from a lot of other K-Pop songs. Not because of the lyrics, though the strong use of English surely does help to support the atmosphere – Which is mainly the reason for my attraction to this song. It just sounds so… Retro. It’s melancholic yet at the same time very calming. The keyword would probably be “longing”. It captures the feeling of being alone during a summer day. For some reason I can picture the singer walking down a rather deserted town during a sunny day in the holidaytime. Or watching out of the window, where the curtains slightly sway in the wind… Wait a sec, maybe I should really draw a picture to get this outta my head.
Some people might think it to be a little too repetitive, but for me it perfectly serves the purpose of infecting me with the melancholy.
You should give it a listen if you need a break from all those rough and tough songs!

Minnie~ ☆


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