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[Random Song] – “Heartache Notebook” from HanGeng

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Warning – Ballad ahead!
I’m really not the Ballad type. Really. But still, this song is so very beautiful in many ways…~!


Title: Heartache Notebook
Artist: HanGeng
Language: Mandarin
Album: Geng Xin
Year: 2010
Musicvideo: None – :

If I were to describe this song in one word, I’d choose: Soothing. This song starts out so beautifully calm, it softens my mood instantly. It’s nothing to listen to while going to a Party, or to Wake up… But if it’s for the opposite – To calm down, to dream the day away, to softly fall asleep… Oh, but if you read the Lyrics, you can get the melancholic meaning behind it. Still(Still? A melancholic atmosphere is also great from time to time?) I really enjoy this and can recommend it ♡
Give it a try at a given time~


Author: Minnie

Hello! ♪ I'm a fashion student from Germany. My interests involve Music (videos), Asian Tv dramas, Games, and many other things. I can speak English, German and a very poor Japanese ;) Nice to meet you~ ♪

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