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[Random Song] “It’s me” from Andy A 47

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I know, I know! Only Random Songs… It’s not that I’m just lazy(though I basically am lazy through and through, but that’s another story); Unfortunately my laptop broke down and this format is the only one that’s easy to do from my mobile phone…
…Anyways, I’m still listening to plenty of songs I can’t keep quiet about.
For example this really nice rap-song:


Title: 我 (“It’s Me”)
Artist: Andy A47
Language: Chinese/English
Year: 2014
Musicvideo: None, but this is the official Track:

This is one of the very few songs we get to hear from Stardoms’ Chinese Trainee Andy – a.k.a. Andy 47-, who already spiced up some of Topp Dogg’s Chinese song versions with his rap.
And boy, that guy surely knows what he’s doing. He’s able to rap both in Chinese and English(probably even Korean, though we don’t get to hear that in this song).
His flow is really appealing to me, and the use of English probably keeps the attention of those listeners, that aren’t that into the Chinese language or jzst aren’t used to it yet – Not that I’d mind that ;)

I don’t know anything further to say – If you like Rap, check it out~! ☆


Author: Minnie

Hello! ♪ I'm a fashion student from Germany. My interests involve Music (videos), Asian Tv dramas, Games, and many other things. I can speak English, German and a very poor Japanese ;) Nice to meet you~ ♪

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