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[5 Songs] from Super Junior that are not “Sorry, Sorry”

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Since the beloved SuJu Leader Leeteuk was recently discharged from his Military Service, we should take the opportunity to give some fresh Love to Super Junior~


Regarding Super Junior there is one obvious problem that makes a lot of people eye them rather suspiciously: For a long time their title songs sounded pretty much the same. Following SM’s philosophy of “Don’t fix what’s not broken” their title songs were so very close to their breakthrough song “Sorry, Sorry”, that it became somewhat of a Running Gag among K-Pop fans. Sadly, it also gave them the image of being neither talented nor innovative.
And thaaa~t’s why I’m gonna introduce you to some of my favourite SuJu songs that sound nothing like “Sorry, Sorry”! ♪
(As always it goes after my personal preference – But I’ll try to cover various Genres :D)

1. – “Superman”

This is probably the most well-known song on this list – It even has some kind of backstage-video :)
I got to know SuJu through “Mr. Simple”, but this song hooked me.
Okay, the “Shupa-man~!” kinda reminded me on a Chupa Chips Lollipop. But it’s still awesome. It can be seen as a tribute to the band and all the hardships they survived. Especially Kyuhyuns Vocals at the end of the song are amazingly strong.
You should also check out their performance of Superman at the Mama Awards ♪

2. – “Daydream”

The one and only ballad on this list! What prevents this song from being to… Boring for me, are the really beautiful lyrics.

Covering my ears to listen to you
Shutting my eyes to imagine you

Not breathing to feel you
Clutching both fists together to touch you

I stop (stop) – I stop (stop)
The memories of having once loved, control me so easily
Those countless promises, what to do, What to do… What to do…

Along to those pretty lyrics especially my dear Ryeowook stands out a lot with his passionate and emotional vocals.

3. – “Gulliver”

Okay, no more gloomy feelings, this song says: In. Your. Face. Bitch. The message(written by main dancer Eunhyuk) is easy: We have been in the business for a damn long time and that’s why we’re f*ckin’ important(I should stop swearing, really). The beat and the rhythm are very different from other SuJu songs. Additionally it has a rather experimental arrangement. It’s very energetic and dramatic. Overall it just shows a whole new side to SuJu, who indeed are successful veterans in the business, who get a lot of respect from younger bands.

4. – “Oops!” feat. f(x)

“Oops!” is the most light-hearted and playful song on this list! Even though the essential message: “I’m to fabulous/fame for this world” is quite similar to the other ones, this parodies the message to the point of utter ecxaggeration. Hilarious lines like this:

Bring the GPS system and get in, you might need it
My house is so big, it even has a missing child poster

Meet lines like this…:

The car wash is taking too long so I buy a new one
My car is a roaring car that you guys roar about

But the crown goes, as expected, to SuJu’s narcisstic prince Heechul:

My phone rings all night
You’re my girl on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays
She’s my girl on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays
“Oppa take me too” ok- on Sunday
Okay fine, you’re my type- glamorous

– …But Hyung(unlike us), you’re not even joking now, are you?

He has always been one of my favourites ♡
The girls of f(x) hereby stand for the female audience, rolling their eyes at the stupid behaviour. There should be more Collaborations like that!

5. – “Rockstar”

Let’s top this list off with the “Bang!” that “Rockstar” is.
As before, easy message: I’m a Rockstar and I demand you to follow my order. Like, now.
I think this is my favourite part:

Girl I’m a Rockstar, my character is bad, I’m sensitive so if you meddle with me, I let it all out
Yeah I’m a Rockstar, let’s just have fun, I don’t say it a second time, move your body
Move right now~

While singing this song live, the SuJu members can finally break free of stiff choreographies and have their (well-deserved) fun on stage! They can jump and fool around, and just get a little wild and crazy. Needless to say that we get to see some new sides of the members – But personally, the best thing about this is seeing their happy faces while performing. I’d really like them to have more “free” songs like that – They surely don’t lack potential nor passion!

…Sooo, this was me, recommending some of my favourite SuJu songs. Most of them are pretty underrated! :<
I'd be happy if I could show you a new side of Super Junior ♥︎

Minnie~ ♡


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