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[Random Song] “Body Language” from San E feat. Bumkey

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This song has been out for… A few hours? I’d love to make a full Mv Review, but with my phone…? Naah.
Still, you may like – no scratch that, you’ll probably like, but you may love this song like I do! :D


…Oh, and don’t be deceived by the Cover, it hardly mirrors anything that’s happening in this video! ;D Later on it gets more like… This:

Very… San E-ish, for that matter.
Alright, let’s get on with the facts:

Title: Body Language
Artist: San E (feat. Bumkey)
Year: 2014
Language: Body Language Korean

For those who don’t know San E, I’ll keep it short and sweet: San E is a rapper who recently moved to another company(JYP-> Hip Hop Label BrandNewMusic), and has been very active since then. There have been a variety of collaborations, features, and his own Minialbum(Which I reviewed, but the article is still in German… Check out the Minialbum anyway, it’s damn awesome!). San E is not always like your typical badass rapper – He can be badass, yes. But at other times he sings funny and silly songs, dramatic ones, and… Hot ones?

I may be rather new to San E, but very much in love with his songs. Still, this one is something new. You absolutely don’t need to understand Korean to understand what they’re trying to tell you with “Faster, Stronger, Harder”. Still, the song has a playful sound, and a (literally) playful video.
San E’s videos don’t disappoint, as usual. There is a short and sweet plot, the lighting is wonderful and it manages to balance on the thin line of being sensual and tacky – even though obviously done on purpose a lot of K-Pop Mv’s are not able to be tacky on purpose without being… Well, cheap.
This Mv definitely isn’t cheap. And after I watched a certain Debut Mv just 5 minutes before(*cough4Lcough*), I am once more convinced, that less(… Suggestiveness? More clothing…?) can be more sensual.

Last but not least San E’s hilarious facial expressions are the cherry on top of his gorgeous styling.
I’ve rarely seen him so… Beautiful. I’m used to him going for a casual style, but this suits him surprisingly good! ♪

All in one this is a Rap-Song that strongly leans into the Pop-Genre. Maybe San E is trying to keep and widen the interest of the Mainstream-Audience he got through the “Midsummer Night Dream”? Although he does that in a typical San E-kind of way.

Anyway, he has my attention – What about yours? ♪


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