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[Random Song] – “Peekaboo” from ToppDogg

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While I’m still chewing on that review of Yanos’ mixtape(still typing on my phone only…), here is a song that hit me on the first listen:


Title: Peekaboo
Artist: Topp Dogg
Album: AmadeuS Deluxe Edition
Year: 2014
Language: Korean

I must say I was honestly surprised by this songs’ roughness! With all those quick concept changes Topp Dogg is going through, sometimes one can forget their strong Rap-Roots. And really, looking at this cute and calm school-themed Cover, who would have expected this kind of song?
It sorta reminds me of Bigflos’ Delilah for it’s roughness, but it’s solely rap-focused. Finally we get some Unit-action from the huge 13-member group – a perfect opportunity to showcase individual talents and stray a little from the mainstream Pop genre.
I don’t know how to describe the instrumental. A dramatic and strong beat meets this hasty and haunting flute-melody. While almost overwhelming with sounds in the chorus, the sound is simplified during the individual parts, so we can solely focus on the rap.
We get to listen to the rappers only; and I dare say that their voices are delightfully unique, which finally for once enables me to easily distinguish between the individual rappers just by listening to it.
First up is Maknae Yano, whos voice is by far one of the roughest, and who tends to stand out for his fast flow.
Next one is Kidoh, entering with his signature line “I like it, I love it”. After Amadeus everyone was practically crying out for Kidoh, so now… Here you go, Kidoh’s still alive ;)
Following is Jenissi and -without being the fangirl that I am- no one can deny his unique voice and almost weird flow. Since he usually just goes for 2 or 3 lines in Topp Doggs’ songs, owning the song with his sick flow and disappearing again… It’s really refreshing to see a little more of his actual skills.
Last up is the rather young A-Tom, whos’ voice is really smooth to the ear. And so is his flow. Everything about his rap is really pleasant to my ear, without being boring.
Those four very different voices and styles harmonize surprisingly well and create this biting, almost aggressive song that just screams “We are real rappers, no idols. In case you forgot.”
Topping it off with the rough and repetetive Chorus that is just so catchy…
This song is 100% my style! I can recommend it – If you’re into rap, you should give it a try. Those kids know what they’re doin’ ♥

Minnie~ ☆


Author: Minnie

Hello! ♪ I'm a fashion student from Germany. My interests involve Music (videos), Asian Tv dramas, Games, and many other things. I can speak English, German and a very poor Japanese ;) Nice to meet you~ ♪

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