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[5 Songs] that are plain hot(Korean)

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Woooh, I’m back! Sorta. I’m using an old netbook I lent, so my possibilites are still kinda narrow, but let’s see what we can do~
I’m now back from Korea aaa~nd, first thing I did…? I caught a cold. Seriously, it’s really warm here(about 25 Degrees), but the Korean temperature brings ‘hot’ to a totally different level. Why am I babbling about this? Can’t you see the poor pun on ‘hot songs’ announcing itself on the horizon? You can? Thank god, let’s skip this, then.

With the overflowing ‘sexy concepts’ everywhere, my opinion became just more refined lately. There are different types of sexy: One, the almost desperate undressing and showcasing of bare skin which, at times, is not only totally uneccessary(*cough* Nu’est’s Sleep Talking *cough*), but also incredibly awkward at other ones(BTS, I’m looking at YOU. I really love you and I do believe you; you have abs. No need to reassure me in every damn Choreo, ok?).
Now let’s drop the rant and move on to the second type, the one that gives me goosebumps because it’s really sexy.

1. When, Where, How from Park Kyung

I think you all know by now my love for the Block B’s bubbly rapper Kyung. It’s also probably safe to say that this duet on the ‘Very Good’ mini album came as a surprise in two ways. One: Kyung can not only be dorky, but also has an amazingly soft yet strong voice. Two: Damn, this song is sexy. It’s basically a song about lazy morning sex. Doesn’t sound too enticing, but the soft vocals carry lyrics that are very sensitive and colorful:

Instead of a morning call, the rain wakes me up
Between those sounds, I hear you ruffling around
It’s 11 o’clock, the curtains are closed
I like things just the way they are right now

Your tangled hair, your sleepy voice
You wear my x-large t-shirt…
Don’t mind the mess around us
Don’t mind it…

The song is split in the part told from the guys’, then the girls’ perspective. I’d like to point out that the girl is fascinated by the gentleness she receives. Yup, face it, appreciation and caring are sexy, too – no surprise here?
I definitely won’t leave out the female counterpart here: Jo Hyun Ah from Urban Zakapa does a great job and without their perfect harmony the song would not have been the same.

2. Rainism from Rain

Now this one is hot, too, though in a different way. This is more of a song you can dance to in a club. There is a fully English version, but the intro is English in every version(God, he sang this song in so many languages). There is not much to say about this one, besides the “I’m gonna be a bad boy” part, which is as attention-catching as it’s hot. Rain is a mature artist who is just naturally sexy without undressing or overly tacky women in his videos.

3. Let’s Talk About Love from Seungri

Did I just say mature? Yeah, a lot of people prefer maturity, but let’s put that aside and get to the… Bold Youth? Ain’t nobody gonna deny it, Seungri is known for his… Amourous ways? Being a little more straight-forward one could say he’s known for being a little playboy. And this is perfectly depicted in this song.
Yes, so let’s talk about… Love. Love! What were you thinking about?! Probably the same he is thinking about; no need for a genius to figure out the meaning of this song.
While Let’s Talk About Love might seem tacky to some people, I must say it drew me in instantly. Everything about this song could be described as bold(God, the puns keep getting worse… Have mercy with me, I’m sick).
Seungri alone got my attention with his change from the classical “Let’s talk about you” to the mischievious “Let’s talk about me” parts. It’s kinda hard to explain, but for me there are
different classical situations in songs like this:
a) Hot guy in the club gets all the chicks thrown at him without doing anything
b) Guy advances hot girl in an R’nB-like “Oh, you’re so blindingly beautiful, I’m so endazzled, I just really wanna get in your pants”-way
Yes, there are exceptions. Like this one, for example. Seungri’s approach is fresh and very self-confident; it’s as if the message was: You need two to play this game, or else it won’t be fun. Songs like this are far more exciting and entertaining. And, I have to admit, I’ve never been particularly fond of Taeyang, but his rap was never as hot as it was in this song.

4. Body & Soul from B.A.P

I just said that gentleness is highly appreciated, right? Well, this song takes that to a whole new level. It’s pretty much about a guy that worships his girlfriends’ body. That being said it’s not one of those boringly vague: “I love everything about you, because you are nice and cute” songs. It really is about sex, and almost explicit for a Korean Pop-song(Almost. Everything else would be too much for little under-age Zelo). The lyrics are very sensitive and beautiful.

This fluttering feeling when my hand touches your body
Tonight, I will deliver my heart into your ears
Close your trembling eyes, come deep into my arms, trust yourself to me
I make you love me, if I have you, all day, always

I really want your body
Even your heart that revealed the hidden me
I want to confirm your love
This feeling that you’re giving me

Very slowly, with great detail
I’ll touch you, Touch you, Touch you
I love everything about you, even your smallest shivers

Now if this wasn’t sensitive enough, please imagine Bang Yong Guk with his deep and husky voice, whispering the first part into your ear. Someone once told me his voice wasn’t suitbable for love songs. Please explain yourself, like, now. Your statement is obviously invalid.
I’m not even beginning to talk about the amazing note of Daehyun. Daehyun, what are we gonna do with you? Please stop.

5. Body Language from San E

Now we’ll top this list off with a new and fresh song I already shortly recommended. Forget the mushy love songs, San E wants to step it up a bit. As Rain he is old enough to sing about mature topics, yet still young enough to be playful. Yes, playful is the word for this song. Literally. It’s pretty much about role playing and the lyrics are not only suggestive, but as explicit as you can get not being bound to the idol-business.

Listen, don’t misunderstand, your skin is so soft
Like a tiger, I will violate you tonight
Oops, I mean, I want to choose our concept for today
I’ll be the teacher, you’ll be the student
I’m gonna progress faster (faster)

What adds to my entertainment are San E’s typical witty wordplays.

I won’t take off anything unless it’s your clothing, no plagiarism(“take off” and “to copy” own the same meaning in Korean)

All in one this song is something I really didn’t expect from him. It’s bold and hot, but still in a smart way. As a bonus we get a music video that displays all this perfectly.

So… Those were some songs that fall under my definition of sexy. Surely the tastes differ, so I’ll gladly take suggestions :) As always, love to the subbers and the guys from popgasa, where I took some of the translations from~



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