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[Random Song] – “Midnight Blues” from [Super Junior]

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Yes, yes, the kings are back and “MAMACITA” is as hilarious as it’s great. I seriously dig this song.
Admittingly I have usually a rather hard time to get into full albums from SuJu, though. But… There is one song, that surprisingly caught my interest very fast!

Super Junior Mamacita cover

Title: 춤을 춘다 (Midnight Blues)
Artist: Super Junior
Language: Korean
Year: 2014
Musicvideo: None – Therefore a nice lyric video(Love for the makers, as always ♥):

So, what kind of song is this? Is it a typical Super Junior upbeat track? Well, the title already suggests… No. Nope, it isn’t. Actually the title describes the song perfectly.
Imagine someone in a dim bar, in the middle of the night, drowsily leaning on the counter, waiting for his next drink, having long lost count on time and alcohol overall… Yup, that kind of song. If I were to describe it shortly, I would say it’s a beautifully sad and mellow song. Although the whole mood is very dim and should be depressing as hell, the harmonies and the instrumental somehow prevent it from doing so; still the song is heavily melancholic.
You can already feel my urge to throw as colorful adjectives as possible in this, right? This track is so colorful in every way, that all the colors together draw us a pretty scenery. For once, there is the arrangement, that gives off the vibe of a jazz club at four in the morning(Why do I imagine it so specifically?); very soft, yet distinct. Then the beautiful lyrics – Just a short excerpt:

I walk on the same street multiple times, pulled by the lights that swallow me
Dizziness, that’s all, it’s not about you
I’m fine – Then I start to sway
I’m shaking

And finally, the best of it all, the voices of the guys. The vocals are so perfectly soft, they are the reason I fell in love with this song in the first place. I think this type of song compliments a lot of voices that otherwise aren’t showcased much. Especially Donghae and Sungmin fit into this perfectly. As much as I love Ryeowook, his voice doesn’t suit the song quite as much as Heechuls’, so I think it was wise to tone down his parts. But that’s the essence of a huge band, right? To be able to deliver a wide range of musical genres, and different types of songs, by always re-arranging the parts everyone gets.

All in one I really enjoy this song! If you’re in a melancholic or relaxed mood – or want to be in one, respectively- you might give this one a try ♪

Minnie~ ☆


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