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[5 Songs] that are plain hot(Japanese)

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Sooo… Last time I listed Korean songs that make you blush upon hearing them. Let’s take a look at some Japanese songs today!
First things first; Japanese Pop-music is far more… “Explicit” than Korean music. Surely, that’s not even difficult and most Pop-songs are still pretty innocent… But let’s see what I found on my playlists and maybe you can spot the difference!

01. Candy from Koda Kumi

Koda Kumi is Japans’ sexy Queen. She’s pretty much the ambassador of feminine sex-appeal, always finding ways to be a little more provocative, a little more daring. That’s why it’s truly difficult to limit myself to one song. But I’ll stick with good old “Candy”, a rather old song(2006), which invalids a lot of arguments about the ‘prudish Japanese culture’. At least Kuu was never too shy for some sultry melodies, overly sexy vocals and dance moves. What makes Koda Kumi stand out from most other female artists in the industry is her oozing confidence. We all now she enjoys the spotlight, enjoys being sexy, and it’s a common fact that you can only be hot if you have the confidence.

02. Let’s get it on from w-inds.

This is one of those songs which consist of more English than Japanese, which turns it into some language-mess. Not to mention it’s easier for the public to accept songs with a ‘dirty’ meaning if it’s hidden between English words. I personally like those type of songs, though; makes it easy to sing along with my rather laughable Japanese skills.
On a side note: The music video is just plain weird, which is why it’s probably better to watch the live performance. Well, except you enjoy fashion models wearing near to nothing but a motorbike helmet(…what? That wasn’t my idea).

03. Secret from Miyavi

Now, this… Is hot on a really modern level. Seriously. Miyavi. Stop. (Or maybe, Nope, keep going).
Miyavi is the epitome of diversity, but he never made a song that explicit. From the completely English lyrics, which don’t even bear any double-meaning since they’re blatantly straight-forward, to the playful, yet husky voice he has. Topping it off is the unique musicvideo which is hold in black and white, turning what would usually come off as an almost-porno into an artistically elegant video. Everything about this is so daring. Aaaand hot. Very hot.
It’s actually utterly unneccessary to quote from this song to prove anything; every bit of it is hot on it’s own.

04. One Night from Keita

(Since this is a pretty unknown B-Side song, I only found this live performance. Oh well, people who listen to J-music should totally understand my trouble. Right?)
Now that’s a rather rare Club-like song. There’s not really a need to delve into the lyrics(again, a lot of English bits make it clear what this is about ;), but the beat alone should be enough to explain my liking to this song. The ‘I need you bad, bad, badly’-part is pretty hot, too! All in one Keita is really an exception from most Pop-artists; he has some heavy western influences if you ask me. Not that I’m gonna complain.

05. Eh? Ah, Sou. from Hatsune Miku

…Or, in this case, sung by the wonderful Miku-tan. I don’t know whether this is considered cheating, but I rarely enjoy the original Vocaloid-voices; I prefer human cover versions. Moreover this song is really different from all the other ones. It’s basically about a student-teacher relationship, where the teacher clearly profits from the students’ self-counsciousness. The song is purely from the students’ point of view, though. And while it is kinda desperate in its’ meaning, it’s still hot. In a way, it’s all about the thrill and the intimacy the student is so keen on.

Phew. These Japanese rankings always kill me! Finding any clips is such a hassle, eeevery time. Urgh.
Still, these are some songs I enjoy – As always I’ll gladly take any suggestions :)


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