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[Random Song] “Don’t look at me like that” from [Song Ji Eun]


I was really not planning on writing another Random Song. Actually, I wasn’t even planning on listening to this song in the first place. People who follow this blog should have already noticed by now, that I’m not overly fond of girlbands. It takes something to convince me.
Like the fresh lyrics from Sunny Hill for example.
Or the slightly out-of-ordinary f(x) songs. Or the totally out of order 2NE1.
So what is so captivating about this song? I’ll let you know in a minute.

Song Ji Eun - Cover
Title: 쳐다보지마(Don’t look at me like that)
Artist: Song Ji Eun
Year: 2014
Language: Korean

(Love for the subbers, you know how it goes~ :)
This song is just so beautiful. It tackles an issue that most popmusic doesn’t dare to come close to, especially in South Korea – Love that is frowned upon from society. Though not explicitly mentioned, this refers in big parts to homosexuality. Nevertheless it could also talk about any kind of love that doesn’t meet the societies’ standarts. That’s why I think the song gains an individual meaning to whoever listens to it.
For me, it’s about a Lesbian pair(since it’s sung by a women, obviously!). Homosexuality between men is something that is highly appreciated in South Korea in form of the most extreme fanservice you’ve ever seen… That is, until they mean it. Oh my god, how disgusting, let’s never talk about this again! *fakes shocked gasp*
Females on the other sides… I never even heard talk about Lesbians to begin with. If this does now mean that they have it easier than man or even harder, or if they’re are just better at keeping it subtle… I don’t know.
But, I know for sure, that being a Lesbian(or bisexual, that’s also a possibility!) in South Korea can’t be fun.

And this song talks about the sensitive topic in a very sensual way. Everything about this song projects the fragility of the shunned person. How hurt, scared and highly confused she is. Confused as in “Why? There is nothing wrong with me.”
Even though genuinely frightened and insecure the lyrics never talk about the love being the problem. Never does she doubt the ‘rightfulness’ of her attraction, or considers to change.
She doesn’t ask “What’s wrong with me?”, she asks “What’s wrong with you?” – and that’s what I like about this song. That’s exactly the right question to ask.

Song Ji Eun - Don't Look at me Like that
Furthermore her vocals support the meaning by being incredibly soft, yet insistent and strong.
Aaaand… I shouldn’t leave out this fact: Song Ji Eun is really gorgeous, wow. Her mimique is probably what turned an otherwise rather unremarkable video(which is no critique, it suits the song perfectly due to it’s simplicity) into something you can’t take your eyes off.
Especially at the end of the video she wears this red dress which just screams for the symbolism of sin, and her gaze is piercing und unrelenting. It ends everything very smoothly.

All in one: Wow, this got me on the first listen; more of that, please.
You should definitely give it a listen~!


Author: Minnie

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2 thoughts on “[Random Song] “Don’t look at me like that” from [Song Ji Eun]

  1. I love this song too. I just, when I heard the song, felt like this is definitely talking about THAT kind of love. For me, a least. Everyone cab interpret the song anyway they want. I hate how love has to have something preceding it. Can’t it just be, love? But no,,it has to be gay love, straight lobe. The fuck! I’m in love! Not a straight love or gay love! Just love!

    To to tell the truth, I’ve never heard of lesbian in the kpop industry, mostly BROmance, never SISmance (?) is that even a thing?

    Oh well, this song is on repeat. I’ve always like her. I really like all of her title songs, to tell the truth. I also liked her song crazy, from her last mini album.

  2. Yeah, for me as well it’s THAT kind of love, I’m positively certain. Where I come from there are no words such as ‘gay love’, and I think there are a lot of people treating this topic like porcelain, not knowing how to handle it. Which is also discriminating without really intending to.

    I always say: Maybe I’m “bi-sexual”, how could we all know? Maybe one day I’ll fall for a women, it’s not impossible now, is it? Couldn’t you fall in love with anyone? Physical attraction is one thing, but in my opinion love should be above all this(Call me an idealist now).

    Hehe, yeah, the woman is awesome. I’ve been happily humming along to La Boum for the last days ♪

    On another note: I’ve had this blog for quite a while but you wrote my very first comment! I’m so happy, I’ll treasure it forever~ Thank you for reading this ♥

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