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[Random Song] “Set it on Fire” from [Miyavi]

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Lately I’ve only been recommending kinda gloomy and melancholic songs, didn’t I? Well, scratch that, it’s time for some Rock!
And don’t run away my dear K-Pop Fans, this song is 100% English…

Miyavi - Real Cover

Title: Set it on Fire
Artist: Miyavi
Year: 2014
Language: English

Nope. But listen to it here:

It strikes again – My ridiculous love for B-Sides. This song is really new AND from Japan, which makes it hard to find anywhere on the internet. Damn. Well, you are all smart people who can probably help themselves, right?
Did I already mention I love Miyavi?
As I said before, this song is fully in English, which happens more and more often with Miyavi, who’s easily one of the most internationally active Japanese artists.
Seriously. It’s a common fact that Japanese artists are mostly inactive in other countries (especially beyond Asia); Japan doesn’t like to share his music and the artists therefore often assume that an international career is something unapproachable in the first place.
Unlike most artists, Miyavi has been in the business for quite some time, though. He has been around when Japan wasn’t so rigorously shutting out every nation. Furthermore his roots are deep in the Visual Kei Genre, which has been the biggest hype for some years.
What am I trying to say? Cutting it short: Miyavi is well-established in the international market and cherishes his fans from all over the world dearly; his last Musicvideo was even completely dedicated to them: 90% in English with Japanese subtitles. His English improved greatly over the years, too. A few years ago his use of English in songs was widely not recognized at all due to his… Creative pronunciation(“350” on the listening counter didn’t help, nope, it took internet lyrics to tell me that “Night in Girl” was 50% English? Wtf?).

Another thing to know about Miyavi is his great versatility. With every album he displays a really different image and challenges other musical genres. It’s almost a complete re-invention with every album. Last time the setting was pop-music, mostly English, with songs that would have easily been able to fit in on any music-channel(If there was any music on instead of endless stupid commercials, that is).

This time the theme seems to be oldschool-rock music. And again, the song is fully English, which only completes the perfect atmosphere.
The lyrics are very charming in this certain ‘Miyavi-Style’: while his English is not technically wrong, the way of expressing himself still remains a little foreign; you can really feel the Japanese lyrical way of thinking. I especially like the hooking “You got a fuse – I got a lighter”-part.

Seriously, this is a song that could be played on the German radio. It’s a song anybody can enjoy; no matter the age or country they live in.
Moreover I can just feel Miyavi himself enjoying this song greatly. And this is one of the reasons I’m so keen on spreading love for this artist: He practically glows on stage; he is so much in love with music itself, it’s infecting.

That was biased? Well, it is a recommendation… Anyways, check this song out~! :)



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