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[Random Song] – “Pretty Boy” from [Taemin (feat. Kai)]

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…In my defense I gotta say that I hesitated quiet a few days before I gave in. Actually I don’t even like Taemin and just gave it a listen for the sake of Kai(Yupp, I’m one of that girls).
Always wondered what his actual skills might look like
After initially dismissing this song, I found myself coming back to it more and more frequently, though.
Damnit, I’m hooked.

Warning: This is going to contain a long rant about stereotypes and stuff. Sorry not sorry


Title: Pretty Boy
Artist: Taemin feat. Kai
Album: ACE
Year: 2014
Language: Korean

(Loooove for the subbers~! ♡)

Let’s flat-out face it: Almost everyone even remotely into K-Pop is into pretty boys. Yeah, sure, there are some manly man out there(*cough*Yongguk*cough*), but the majority of Korean popmusic is being conveyed through large doe-eyes, slim bodies and lips shimmering with lipgloss. Pretty Boys all over the place.
While I deem pretty much every K-Pop artist as attractive and have a thing for unique faces, I do appreciate pretty guys, too. Even though I kinda want to pull on my hair in frustration when I lay my eyes on Luhan. Or Heechul.
The sad reality of guys being prettier than yourself. Welcome to K-Pop.

So… Who would be more suitable to talk about pretty boys than Taemin and Kai? Kai, SM Entertainment’s “golden boy”, who may not even meet the Korean beauty-standarts all that much(just because of his skin color? Really, Korea, really?), especially his international fans keep drooling over his tan skin and plush lips. Shinee’s Taemin on the other hand, is the epitome of a Korean pretty boy, if you ask me. I’m really not into him or Shinee for that matter(Except Jonghyun. Boy, he’s precious), but even I could recognize him on countless ads in Seoul. And even I know he’s pretty much reduced to that image. I don’t like people being judged by their appearance only.

…So when the song started out like this:

Hey, my thick eye lid crease
Born with an eye smile and laid back nature
Hey, my high bridged nose
My natural smile
Makes you go “Oh my god”

…I was about to turn away and stay away from anything Taemin-related for good. Not only am I not oblivious enough as to think both of them have always looked like this; also whining about being reduced to their “unfortunate” beauty while flaunting it seems kinda unlikable to me.

But the song lingered in my playlist and popped up once in a while. Sad to say, it was pretty catchy. And when I got a glimpse some particular parts in the lyrics, I started to change my opinion.

Baby, rather than the tough guys who are all talk
I’ll give you a different kind of trust

Somehow, it started to make sense to me. Take Exo’s Luhan and Xiumin as a prominent example(Pretty=Luhan; it’s just my first association, can’t help it). Luhan, who is as close to a porcelaine-doll as a human being can be and who strives to be manly all the more. Xiumin with his cute cheeks and wide eyes, who is the most mature and physically strong guy in the band. Or take Heechul, who keeps throwing himself into a dress to never let us poor girls forget to continuously question our own femininity. Still, he is openly the most feared idol in the business for his sharp and fearless attitude.

What I’m trying to say is, that those guys who are deemed pretty and cute seem to constabtly try to prove themselves. In their own way, they are fighters. People who don’t give up easily. Now depending on the situation, this could be considered far more manly than any half-hearted try to impress. Instead of the clishé image of a strong, “manly” man, that is too flimsy and never too attached, this song proclaims, that they give a more secure feeling.
This gets hinted on a little further:

Why is being sensitive and prepared the opposite of being a man?

They also directly mention their attitude. Though we all know behaviour differs and has nothing to do with appearances, it can hardly be denied, that most idols’ behave in a rather open-minded, affectionate and, at times, very cute way. Yup, that’s where all the calls saying “Gaaay…!” come in. You gotta consider it is a part of their image, too(which doesn’t neccessarily imply that their proclaimed feelings are fake); “Normal” guys there would probably make fun of them as well.
…and here I’d chime in and call those cowards who are probably too much of a loser to properly show affection, but oh, well. Everyone has his own opinion about those kind of things.

But I really appreciate the spreading of a soft and sensitive attitude being also manly.

Wow… Just how did this turn into a full-blown rant about equality?
If we go past all these overly deep thoughts I spent on those lyrics…
The song is very catchy and addictive!
While the instrumental very funny, the Chorus is oozing so much positive energy, I feel myself getting hyped up listening to it.

This song is not actually meant to be a society-changing, deep song at all – and I’m strangely okay with that.
I feel like it has more meaning to talk about a topic this difficult in a light-hearted way. This turns the situation away from an overly dramatic mourn over the inability to step past prejudices… And brings it into our daily life; closer to where problems like this can and should be confronted – in a confident way :)
(God, this sounds all so grave and dramatic, but you get the point, right?)
Boys, you did a good job~ Go defend yourselves, Lions! ;D

Aaaanyways. This song is fun. Listen to it!
I should have left it at that, probably. Oh, well.
Minnie~ ♡


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Hello! ♪ I'm a fashion student from Germany. My interests involve Music (videos), Asian Tv dramas, Games, and many other things. I can speak English, German and a very poor Japanese ;) Nice to meet you~ ♪

One thought on “[Random Song] – “Pretty Boy” from [Taemin (feat. Kai)]

  1. I know you arent hating against the song but the part where you said you only like Jonghyun and then you said the first stanza of the song was gonna make you turn away was kinda was Jonghyun who wrote this song for Taemin’s album lol starting the song that way to me was to get the point across and was kinda sassy

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