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[Random Song] “Dragon Night” from [Sekai no Owari]

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Lately it might seem that I’m not listening to J-stuff anymore, but that isn’t true at all!
And to prove my point, I’m going to recommend you this new, fun song from my playlist:
Sekai no Owari - Dragon Night Cover
Title: Dragon Night
Artist: Sekai no Owari
Album: –
Year: 2014
Language: Japanese

Nope, here’s a Live instead:

I already recommended a song from Sekai no Owari, and though most of their stuff is great, the latest single Dragon Night made me want to write about it immediately. This band is just so very unique. I could maybe describe them as the Japanese ‘Owl City’, even though they can go a little further in my opinion. They are full of fun, quirkiness and most of their songs have a touch of fantasy, which can be a light or a dark one. “Dragon Night” is obviously a light and fun song. Because of its’ repetitive and therefore catchy refrain it stood out to me at once! Adding to this are the cute English tidbits like the ‘Congratulations~!’ – So sweet. I must admit that I didn’t even feel any need to look up the lyrics, for you can somewhat just feel it, cheesy as it might sound. The happy electronic melody is met with wondrous and funny sounds and everything is just a big colorful clash of sounds and feelings(as to be expected from this band ;).
This might certainly not be everyones’ style, but whoever is in for a short fantasy-journey should give it a listen :)


P.S.: Did you see the Cover-Font? The capital N(among others) contains a little Dragon…! It’s so cute I wanna cry! ;o;


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