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[Random Song] “YOUR STEP” from [Yamashita Tomohisa]

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Again I’m back with a Japanese… No, not a song, but an artist~! The song is 100% English, though(So it’s even potentially something for the K-Pop fans as well ;)
This is officially the first song of Yama-P that I really fell in love with. Let me introduce to you:


Artist: Tomohisa Yamashita
Album: YOU
Year: 2014
Language: English

Tomohisa Yamashita is a really well-known actor in Japan, catching a lot of attention through his roles in Manga Live-action adaptions – Such as Kurosagi, Nobuta wo produce and Operation Proposal.
(One of my favourite roles of his is the one in “Stand up!!”, though. So freakin’ hilarious!)

Among all this some people tend to forget he is, coming from Johnny’s Entertainment, originally a full-fledged idol. This involved being a singer and performer.
And while I gotta admit, that his original stuff never quite got through to me, I never stop trying. So I gave his new album YOU a try, and found myself pleasantly surprised. I’m even considering making a full review.
But for now I’ll introduce you to the song that hooked me. Which is – and this really comes as a surprise – the title track!

“YOUR STEP” sets its atmosphere with light-hearted whistling, the tingling sound of some string-instrument I could never name, but dare say sounds like an Ukulele(?), and is joined by clapping and drumming. This way it perfectly depicts my idea of a vacation at an exotic beach.
As I said the song is fully English and even though he has an obvious accent, I find it quite cute.
This song is just radiating with positive feelings!
Personally it reminds me of some soccer worldcup hymn; an energizing and happy song anyone would like~

I know it’s getting darker and the leafs are coloring and falling, but I’ll still cling on to this colorful summer song for now – to fight the gloominess the winter brings a little longer and to savour my summer memories ♡

Minnie~ ☀︎


Author: Minnie

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