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[Random Song] “Disappear” from [The Royal Pirates]

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Even though I had something else in mind, I’m gonna squeeze this song in between for now – since I’ve been in a particularly bad mood and this song came in perfectly.
Again, this is a song which is 100% in English and therefore recommendable for anyone… Who likes some rock~!
Additionally this band is still somewhat underrated and my insider-tip ;D


Title: Disappear
Artist: Royal Pirates
Album: –
Year: 2010
Language: English

I stumbled upon the Royal Pirates when I was attending a TV Broadcast recording. Originally I came to see AlphaBAT -who were awesome, by the way- but I also got to see the Royal Pirates to perform, and was more than pleasantly surprised!
The band consists of three people and is a little different from your typical K-Pop band; they have instruments, their origin lies overseas and therefore they’re perfectly capable of singing in English, and, well… They rock.
Sure, there are always some exceptions(*cough* B.A.P’s BangX2 *cough*), but overall Korean Mainstream-music just lacks the typical rockbands my home country has.
While the song they’re promoting at the moment(“Love Toxic”) has a pretty tame, Pop-ish feel to it, their roots definitely haven’t. This song is the proof to that.

“Disappear” is a very special song on top of that. The song and its independent musicvideo were released at a time The Royal Pirates gained a really high internet popularity, but didn’t officially debut in Korea yet. It’s really meant as a gift to their faithful international fanbase.

The song is very powerful and exactly the kind of music I need when I’m in a rather bad/aggressive mood.
Hm, that makes me think about collecting [5 Songs] I listen to when in a bad mood. Ah, but the title needs some work first.

Aaanyways: This band is really something for people who, like me, preferred Linkin Park over Britney Spears as a kid~
On another chance I’ll introduce them more properly.
Furthermore this 3 guys seemed really charismatic and friendly, so I’d love for people to give them a chance~

Minnie~ ♥︎

(Who is now going to do what helps best to cure bad mood… Sleep!)


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