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[Recommendation] Mini-Mixtape from Andy A47

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Our dear Underdogg Andy A47 is back with two really nice songs~
Since this cute little mixtape only includes two songs I don’t think a review is neccessary. I’ll just recommend it to you straight away!

Andy A47 - Underdogg
Album: – Mixtape –
Artist: Andy A47
Year: 2014
Language: Chinese/English
    01. M.I.C (是中华圈的炫耀) (feat. Cross Gene’s Casper)
              02. MA SEOUL CITY

I already wrote about Andy once, but since I like him so much, I’ll gladly repeat myself for those who haven’t heard of him yet:
Maybe you’ve stumbled across the Korean band Topp Dogg? With the intimidating number of 13 members? Well, in a way there are even more members – they’re called “Underdogg” and form a subunit that joins Topp Dogg once in a while and on certain occasions. And in there, between Jiwon and Hyuntae, we have Andy.
So he’s a sort-of Trainee of Stardom who maybe will or won’t join Topp Dogg? Not quite.

While not being very active under Stardom (yet), he already gathered an impressive fanbase when he was active in China.
Regarding his expertise, he’s not only able to equally rap in Chinese and English(and probably even Korean if he wanted to), but is also producing and writing his own songs and works as the main link for Topp Dogg’s promotion in China.

Stylewise it should be noted that Andy is as far away from an idol rapper as you can get – His voice is unique and both his flow and technique are very stable and secure; someone knows what he’s doing there. On top of that there is a good amount of swearing involved, as it’s expected ;)

Sooo… We have a fully independent solo artist over here – Let’s see what he’s got to say?

01. M.I.C (是中华圈的炫耀)

As I said before, the mixtape includes two tracks. First, “M.I.C“, which features Casper from Cross Gene. I just love the endless featurings and cooperations in the Rap-scene. Not only because it creates so much more possibilities to give songs an interesting touch. Furthermore it reflects on the many friendships all the rappers have and shows support in a nice way. The song has a really haunting instrumental and a fair mix of English and Chinese on both sides. It’s incredibly catchy with just the right amount of English to draw us international listeners in ;)


The second song, “MA SEOUL CITY”, has a different feel to it. Somewhat it’s a little more biting than the first one. It’s the proof that he’s easily capable to own the spotlight alone, as well. Needless to say the repetitive ‘Seoul City’ part is very catchy~! Adding to that I’m a sucker for Chinese rap. Don’t ask me why, but I think I like this language best when it’s being used in a rap song.

If he’s not occupied with being gangster-ish, Andy’s a total sweetheart that cherishes all of his fans really deeply. You can often see him sharing fanart his fans drew of him on his official accounts~

I may be biased, but still… Gotta spread the love for my friend Andy – give his songs a try, if you’re in for some good rap ;)



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