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[Random Song] – “If I ain’t got 짱개” from [Zico feat. Hanhae]

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Why yes, I’m still here. And while I’m fighting with my non-existing internet connection, I’m still listening to Music 24/7!
There are sooo many awesome songs, I don’t even know which one to recommend first. So let’s get started with something that made me laugh so hard…:

Title: If I ain’t got 짱개(Chinese Takeout)
Artist: Zico feat. Hanhae
Language: Korean
Album: ZICO on the Block
Year: 2010
Musicvideo: None – Therefore a subbed video(Love for the subbers, as always ♥):

This song… Is simply the most hilarious Korean song I’ve ever heard. I mean it.
It’s about our beloved protagonist Zico, who is, as always staying late at the agency and who, like always, orders Chinese Takeout with his friend. It’s probably like being forced to always eat McDonalds-Stuff… At some point you’re just freakin’ sick of it!
And those lyrics… Just…

Today, I order Chinese take-out again to fill my stomach.
But I’m not full at all, I actually feel bloated.
I feel like throwing up. I don’t know what to do either.

…Yeah, like McDonalds Fastfood… In the end you’ll regret it…

I feel like my skin is going to turn black soon (black noodle reference).
I don’t even know who I am as I continue to stuff black noodles into my mouth.
I’m going to turn into a Chinese person, you guys.

Some people might think of this as offensive, but I laughed.

On top of that they always prove their ridiculous overkill of Chinese Takeout by being able to know the menu by heart, listing everything with the happy voice of desperation turned into resignation.

I hate black noodles. (black noodles are $4)
I hate jjamppong. (jjamppongs are $4.50)
I hate fried dumplings. (fried dumplings are $6.50)

The way it’s thrown in from the back is just too funny. It’s that voice that says with a strained smile: Please. Kill me.

The Lyrics have been translated by vitalsign from allkpop

Seriously, I like Omuraisu, and also the other stuff, but I also fully understand his whining! xD
This song is just plain awesome in every way. You should listen to it, if you’re in for some dorkiness :)


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