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[Random Song] – “Monster” from [Ladyz]

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Let’s go Party~!
Okay, anyone in for some clubbing? Or any type of party for that manner? Karnival’s approaching and brings all those horrible folk songs along, so I gotta compensate that a little~

Ladyz - Monster - Cover

Title: Monster
Artist: Ladyz
Language: Mandarin
Album: Monster
Year: 2013

Actually there’s not much to say about this one, besides: …How could I have been missing out on those girls? They’re pretty awesome with a minialbum full of up-beat songs. If you like this one, there’s a high chance the minialbum won’t disappoint you.
Musicwise they remind me of a chinese version of evol.
Sadly, I’ve only stumbled across this one single so far; so I’ll better go indulge myself in all the nice songs I can get my hands on~!

Minnie~ ☆


Author: Minnie

Hello! ♪ I'm a fashion student from Germany. My interests involve Music (videos), Asian Tv dramas, Games, and many other things. I can speak English, German and a very poor Japanese ;) Nice to meet you~ ♪

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