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[Random Song] “Galaxy Street Nightmare” by Sekai no Owari


What do we have today… How about the most depressing and touching song I’ve heard in YEARS?
Yes, you’re in? Well, then let me introduce yet another song from the ever-inspiring band Sekai no Owari:

Sekai no owari Tree cover
Titel: 銀河街の悪夢(The nightmare of the galaxy street)
Artist: Sekai no Owari
Album: Tree
Year: 2015
Language: Japanese
Musikvideo: Nope. But check out this fantastic live performance:

*Love to the Youtuber planet72nd and Jpopasia for the videos & the lyrics
– Go there for more awesome stuff~!*

There is no subbed video available, but let me tell you this straight: The lyrics are the key to this one.
Since I have a vague understanding of the Japanese language I could figure out the overall idea but I’m not too sure how people would take this song if they didn’t understand a word.

It’s not really a traditional song but more of a short audiobook.
We hear the protagonist heading out in the morning and walking around outside.
I first heard this song when I myself was outside on a cold morning with the streets deserted and kinda quiet. That’s why the (loud) background sounds felt almost real to me, which was very enjoyable. You can hear children laughing on their way to school, bikes and cars and people bustling around.
All the while the protagonist is telling the story of his everyday life that is ordinary as it’s suffocating and sad.
We don’t know whether he still goes to school, is a student or a part-timer. All we know is that he gets up every morning, wishing to finally change something in his life. And don’t we all, in a way?

When I wake up tomorrow, I’ll make something happen!
So I try to sleep earlier than usual tonight,
But I never manage to fall sleep and the sun comes up.
Will I manage to hate myself even more tomorrow?

It’s a song about a depressed person who’s taking the pills he gets told to. But they make him sleepy and only prevent him from escaping the vicious cycle he’s in.

When I wake up tomorrow, I’ll make something happen!
So I try to sleep earlier than usual tonight,
But I didn’t wake until the sun had set.
Will these days of suffering ever end?

Towards the end we get a conclusion, though.

It’s because we dream of tomorrow that nothing changes today.
Today is the only thing we have control over.
I’ll make something happen today!
I won’t get much support, but I’ll do my best!

We can see he is clearly aware of how things are supposed to be and takes the right step forward.
Whether this is just another pitiful attempt forgotten in the morning or the push that will eventually lead to a change… That’s up to anyone to decide.

At one point in the minimalistic song we can hear a train passing by, involuntarily making you wonder whether the protagonist committed suicide at last. The instrumental gets overly colorful and dramatic, mimicking the way your life’s passing before your eyes. But in the end, he’s still there and still yearning. Again, if you think of it as a blessing and being strong… Or interpret it as being weak and pitiful – it’s up to you.

But I’ll still throw in the lines we can probably all agree on:

It’s because we dream of tomorrow that nothing changes today.

And when he finally returns home, we feel as if we ourselves have wittnessed a strenuous rollercoaster of emotions.

For the conclusion I’ll give you a fun fact:
This song was once performed on a festival(I think it might even be the one in the video), and received mixed reactions. It has been said one girl just started crying midway. Quite the moodkiller?
Still, when they ended the song with the “Tadaima(‘I’m back’)”, the audience dutifully replied with shouts of “Okaeri(Welcome home)”, which made me kind of happy.
It’s a truly depressing song if you ask me, and I guess a lot of people can relate to the protagonist to varying extents.
Still, this approach is very sensitive and impressed me on the first listen.

How do you feel about this? Feel free to let me know.



Author: Minnie

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2 thoughts on “[Random Song] “Galaxy Street Nightmare” by Sekai no Owari

  1. im Indonesian so i dont have idea for the meaning of that song. But before i knew (the translation and video at their live perform), everytime i heard it, i had some weird feelin. kind of sadness i can tell. although i dont know the meaning, but its melody and compotition drag me to that way.

  2. it is my guess but i think this song idea come from fukase real experience, he said he got depression and need to stay in the “hospital” years ago , so the message come even stronger to me at least, i love this song so much.

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