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[Random Song] “Galaxy Street Nightmare” by Sekai no Owari

What do we have today… How about the most depressing and touching song I’ve heard in YEARS?
Yes, you’re in? Well, then let me introduce yet another song from the ever-inspiring band Sekai no Owari:

Sekai no owari Tree cover
Titel: 銀河街の悪夢(The nightmare of the galaxy street)
Artist: Sekai no Owari
Album: Tree
Year: 2015
Language: Japanese
Musikvideo: Nope. But check out this fantastic live performance:

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[Random Song] – “Peekaboo” from ToppDogg

While I’m still chewing on that review of Yanos’ mixtape(still typing on my phone only…), here is a song that hit me on the first listen:


Title: Peekaboo
Artist: Topp Dogg
Album: AmadeuS Deluxe Edition
Year: 2014
Language: Korean

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[Random Song] “Body Language” from San E feat. Bumkey

This song has been out for… A few hours? I’d love to make a full Mv Review, but with my phone…? Naah.
Still, you may like – no scratch that, you’ll probably like, but you may love this song like I do! :D


…Oh, and don’t be deceived by the Cover, it hardly mirrors anything that’s happening in this video! ;D Later on it gets more like… This:

Very… San E-ish, for that matter.
Alright, let’s get on with the facts:

Title: Body Language
Artist: San E (feat. Bumkey)
Year: 2014
Language: Body Language Korean

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[5 Songs] from Super Junior that are not “Sorry, Sorry”

Since the beloved SuJu Leader Leeteuk was recently discharged from his Military Service, we should take the opportunity to give some fresh Love to Super Junior~


Regarding Super Junior there is one obvious problem that makes a lot of people eye them rather suspiciously: For a long time their title songs sounded pretty much the same. Following SM’s philosophy of “Don’t fix what’s not broken” their title songs were so very close to their breakthrough song “Sorry, Sorry”, that it became somewhat of a Running Gag among K-Pop fans. Sadly, it also gave them the image of being neither talented nor innovative.
And thaaa~t’s why I’m gonna introduce you to some of my favourite SuJu songs that sound nothing like “Sorry, Sorry”! ♪
(As always it goes after my personal preference – But I’ll try to cover various Genres :D)

1. – “Superman”

This is probably the most well-known song on this list – It even has some kind of backstage-video :)
I got to know SuJu through “Mr. Simple”, but this song hooked me.
Okay, the “Shupa-man~!” kinda reminded me on a Chupa Chips Lollipop. But it’s still awesome. It can be seen as a tribute to the band and all the hardships they survived. Especially Kyuhyuns Vocals at the end of the song are amazingly strong.
You should also check out their performance of Superman at the Mama Awards ♪
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[Random Song] “It’s me” from Andy A 47

I know, I know! Only Random Songs… It’s not that I’m just lazy(though I basically am lazy through and through, but that’s another story); Unfortunately my laptop broke down and this format is the only one that’s easy to do from my mobile phone…
…Anyways, I’m still listening to plenty of songs I can’t keep quiet about.
For example this really nice rap-song:


Title: 我 (“It’s Me”)
Artist: Andy A47
Language: Chinese/English
Year: 2014
Musicvideo: None, but this is the official Track:
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[Random Song] – “Mighty Long Fall” – ONE OK ROCK

Let’s go from Ballads into the Pop-Rock-Genre, and from China to Japan~!
Freshly released one day ago, I’ve already fallen in love heads over heels with this song:

Title: Mighty Long Fall
Language: Japanese/English
Album: –
Year: 2014
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Twinsight is going to be an English blog from now on!

Jubia and I decided at last to turn Twin-Sight into an English blog.
Even though we are both no native speakers we are taking this as an opportunity to train our English further – And to share our love for our hobbies with more people! ♪

Since we started this blog in English, we will slowly translate our old Entries into English and re-upload them.
We are fully aware that we have almost no readers, but if, just if… Someone would like to see any of the articles published in English – Let us know, and we’ll get to them sooner ♪

This was it for now  – Thank you to everyone who came across this site ♥
We’re still Rookies at blogging, but we’ll do our best in the future!

Minnie & Jubia

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☆ Introducing Minnie ☆

Hello ♪

Before I start posting about anything that comes to my mind, I’m going to introduce myself for a bit:
I am Minnie, 21 years old and a Fashionstudent from Düsseldorf.

My interests are very widely-spread, but my focus has always been on music. I’ve been listening to Japanese music for 7 years, to Korean music for 4 years – But occasionally I also listen to music in German, English or other languages.
Besides that I’ve had a passion for Manga since I was 10 and started to develop interest for Anime, Doramas and Cosplay. Plus, I’m quite a gamer.

It’s already obvious – I have a variety of things on my mind everyday! Since I’d like to keep track of everything as well as sharing what I could (or could not) recommend… I started this blog ♪

So I will probably post Reviews, Recommendations for various areas. Additionally I post news that I deem interesting from Bands that… I deem interesting?
If you are curious as to what kind of bands I like – Here are a few that come from the top of my head:

Japanese Artists: Arashi, Ayu, GReeeeN, Miyavi, ONE OK ROCK, w-inds
Korean Artists: 2NE1, B.A.P, Bigbang, Block B, BTS, evol, EXO, Super Junior, Topp Dogg

English Artists: Amy Studt, Hollywood Undead, Michelle Branch, Sweetbox
German Artists: Alligatoah, Annett Louisan, K.i.z, SDP, Silbermond

I want to thank everyone in advance for taking your time and paying attention to what I’m writing – Thank you so much ♥

Minnie ♥