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[K-Pop] Top 20 Ranking 2014

…And here it goes again, like last year: My personal ranking of songs that came out in 2014 and impressed me in any way to a point that I’m still listening to them today.
I’ll try not to be too biased towards songs that came out recently, but also consider songs from this years’ beginning. 2014 has been a year full of too many good songs for me, so it was really hard to draw my conclusion. Let’s see…~

20. “Snake” – A-Jax

While A-Jax ranked pretty high last year, I barely heard anything from them this year. Still,  this song managed to sneak inside my head and made itself quite comfortable there. While the video is kinda cute at best, but rather clisheé overall, the song itself is somehow catchy and kept me in a good mood. It’s an easy-going song, but somehow the chorus melody just goes well with me~ I hope they’ll be more successful this year!
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Review [Musikvideo] – “1004(Angel)” von B.A.P

Hallo~ ♪

Wie bereits angekündigt, stelle ich heute das neue Musikvideo von B.a.p vor: “1004”, gelesen “Angel”.
Direkt vorne weg sollte vielleicht erwähnt sein, dass es sich bei “1004” nicht, wie der Titel vermuten lässt, um eine leise, vor sich hin leidende(ich entschuldige mich für die subtile Kritik ;) Ballade handelt, sondern um eine “Verzweifelter-Aufschrei”-Ballade.
Einige meiner Screenshots haben leider Untertitel, man möge mir verzeihen :’)
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