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5 Korean songs that are (positively) Creepy!

“Positively Creepy”, you ask? Well, I can only talk for me, but I freakin’ love creepy songs. Songs that keep haunting me with their melody and their disturbing lyrics. Today I’m going to recommend some songs that give me goosebumps!
Actually I know far more Japanese songs of that sort, but I’ll start with the Korean ones today. Let the fun(?) begin:

1. Psycho – History

Let’s start out with a new song! Psycho from History doesn’t hold back in the least and gives us some direct insight into a rejected boyfriend that turns into a living nightmare:

Did you think you’d be done with me if we broke up?
Well, you thought wrong

There’s nobody by your side tonight.
[…] and once everybody who might see is deep asleep
I’ll go get you.

The playful tone they use along with the soothing, yet odd voice that seems to smile while singing… *shudder*
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Review [Musikvideo] – “1004(Angel)” von B.A.P

Hallo~ ♪

Wie bereits angekündigt, stelle ich heute das neue Musikvideo von B.a.p vor: “1004”, gelesen “Angel”.
Direkt vorne weg sollte vielleicht erwähnt sein, dass es sich bei “1004” nicht, wie der Titel vermuten lässt, um eine leise, vor sich hin leidende(ich entschuldige mich für die subtile Kritik ;) Ballade handelt, sondern um eine “Verzweifelter-Aufschrei”-Ballade.
Einige meiner Screenshots haben leider Untertitel, man möge mir verzeihen :’)
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