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[5 Songs] that are meaningfully deep

*sing* Deeper than the sea~
…Yeah, right. Maybe I’m listening to Exo too much.

-This time I’m not gonna split into Korean/Japanese, but rather go for 2 Korean, 2 Japanese and 1 Chinese song-

Some people like to let go while listening to music, to forget all the problems in the world.
And I won’t deny that’s probably the intention of some artists, as well. But there are certain artists to choose otherwise: To point out problems they see or to name their innermost fears and troubles as a first step to progress them and to encourage other people to follow them in doing this. I’ve always had the habit to fall for this type of songs. Hard. They haunt me, wrap me up and don’t let me go… Does this even make sense?

I’m gonna introduce you to some songs that fall under my category of truly meaningful songs – Let’s go tackle some issues, then?

The reason for not focusing on any language is that those songs simply are the strongest ones and I wanted to keep this list on a level as high as possible. Also people shouldn’t cling to one language only~
I can still make a second list if I come upon more songs like this :)

1. BADMAN from B.A.P (Korean)

A predictable entry in this list, huh?
People who’re into K-Pop might know that B.A.P’s leader Yongguk is notoriously un-idol-like. Not overly pretty, not overly cute, just not overly attention-seeking(No offense to idols doing their job). He just seems believably human and real and has an honest soft spot for all kind of charity on top of that. Though still young he already has the feeling of a true artist sticking to him, for obvious reasons. Rather than taking the safe route he produces songs and writes lyrics which more often than not tackle various problems.

And oh boy, BADMAN is a strong song. In means of the costumes, the as always Blockbuster-like video but mostly in terms of lyrics.
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[Random Song] – “Heartache Notebook” from HanGeng

Warning – Ballad ahead!
I’m really not the Ballad type. Really. But still, this song is so very beautiful in many ways…~!


Title: Heartache Notebook
Artist: HanGeng
Language: Mandarin
Album: Geng Xin
Year: 2010
Musicvideo: None – : Continue reading

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[Empfehlung] HanGengs Album “Hope in the Darkness”

Hallo :)

In den letzten Tagen spiele ich Zelda Skyward Sword durch, und so wunderbar der Soundtrack auch ist – ich dachte mir ich fasse die Gelegenheit beim Schopf und höre ein wenig meiner neuen Musik. Da habe ich etwas entdeckt, was ich nicht für mich behalten kann!

Cover_Hope in the Darkness
Hope in the Darkness
Künstler: HanGeng
Sprache: Mandarin
Erscheinungsjahr: 2012

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