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[K-Pop] Top 20 Ranking 2014

…And here it goes again, like last year: My personal ranking of songs that came out in 2014 and impressed me in any way to a point that I’m still listening to them today.
I’ll try not to be too biased towards songs that came out recently, but also consider songs from this years’ beginning. 2014 has been a year full of too many good songs for me, so it was really hard to draw my conclusion. Let’s see…~

20. “Snake” – A-Jax

While A-Jax ranked pretty high last year, I barely heard anything from them this year. Still,  this song managed to sneak inside my head and made itself quite comfortable there. While the video is kinda cute at best, but rather clisheé overall, the song itself is somehow catchy and kept me in a good mood. It’s an easy-going song, but somehow the chorus melody just goes well with me~ I hope they’ll be more successful this year!
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Review [Mixtape] “FICTION” from Topp Dogg’s [Yano]

Hello~ Today I’m here to introduce you to a Rap-mixtape. We’re talking about the first Solo-release from Yano, the Maknae of Stardoms’ huge boyband Topp Dogg. Among 12 other members and the 3 other rappers he probably doesn’t particularly stand out to some people. Now the cute 19 year-old presents us his own personal mixtape to point out his own style.

First things first: This mixtape can be downloaded for free.
For free. Just like that. Now it’s already difficult to find reasons to not give it a try, right?
If you wanna know where to download it, you just have to go there:

Anyway, let’s get it going:

Artist: Yano
Year: 2014
Language: Korean

01. YF20 – 8/10
02. 시체(Corpse) – 10/10
03. To Me – 7/10
04. BEAST (feat. Chancey the Glow) – 7/10
05. HAPPY (feat. Sangdo) – 9.5/10
06. DEAR – 5/10
07. SKIT – ?/10
08. 썅년 (Bitch) – 8/10
09. 누구게 (Guess Who?) – 7.5/10

Ya know about him? Most of you probably haven’t yet. This cute English catchphrase describes the origin of his artist name – Surely an improvement compared to his pre-debut name “Snoopy Swaggy”. …I’m not even going to comment this name any further. Now add his overly cute face and he probably looses all credibility as a rapper. Or does he? I would say: Surprisingly not. Out of all his bandcolleagues he has the most “badass” feeling to him. His voice is surprisingly deep and rough, his flow very fast and his lyrics are usually the most biting. So let’s see what kind of style he likes to pursue when void of the inevitable boundaries that is Topp Dogg.

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[Random Song] – “Peekaboo” from ToppDogg

While I’m still chewing on that review of Yanos’ mixtape(still typing on my phone only…), here is a song that hit me on the first listen:


Title: Peekaboo
Artist: Topp Dogg
Album: AmadeuS Deluxe Edition
Year: 2014
Language: Korean

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[Review] Musicvideo “TOP DOG” from Topp Dogg

Man, all these creative titles nowadays.
TOP DOG… From… Topp Dogg! Reminds me of a German comedian.
I still have enough material for an EXO Review, but I lack the time and prioritize Topp Dogg right now, since they deserve a lot more attention than they’re getting at the moment~!

I can imagine Topp Dogg being a challenge for new listeners, since there are 13 faces and all. Everyone who knows the name of SuJu or Exo probably knows what I’m talking about. This also made a great challenge of doing proper screenshots. I tried to catch every member equally, but it was almost impossible for some members.

I will also shortly introduce every Topp Dogg member to help new fans to get into the band, so don’t give up on them yet :)

So lets see what we have here~
First we’re gonna take a look at the overall setting.
TOP DOG - SettingWelcome to the Wild West… Just kidding. This musicvideo is inspired by the movie Mozart, in which Salieri, an Italian componist, appears as a direct enemy to Mozart. We won’t be criticising historical correctness here, since it’s all about the battle between…

TOP DOG - Setting (9)Mozart… A.k.a B-Joo with his Cotton-Candy-Afro

TOP DOG - Setting (8)…And Salieri, a.k.a Hansol, who sports a pale vampire-like look. Continue reading

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5 Korean songs that are (positively) Creepy!

“Positively Creepy”, you ask? Well, I can only talk for me, but I freakin’ love creepy songs. Songs that keep haunting me with their melody and their disturbing lyrics. Today I’m going to recommend some songs that give me goosebumps!
Actually I know far more Japanese songs of that sort, but I’ll start with the Korean ones today. Let the fun(?) begin:

1. Psycho – History

Let’s start out with a new song! Psycho from History doesn’t hold back in the least and gives us some direct insight into a rejected boyfriend that turns into a living nightmare:

Did you think you’d be done with me if we broke up?
Well, you thought wrong

There’s nobody by your side tonight.
[…] and once everybody who might see is deep asleep
I’ll go get you.

The playful tone they use along with the soothing, yet odd voice that seems to smile while singing… *shudder*
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-German- [Review] Musikvideo “TOP DOG” von… Topp Dogg

Note: This is the German version, the English version can be found here:

…Mann, der Titel birgt soviele Überraschungen.
Hat was von Coldmirror – ‘Hey, ich bin Harry Potter, aus… Harry Potter.’
Ich habe auch noch alles für ein Overdose-Review rumliegen, aber irgendwie fehlt mir die Zeit. Außerdem bekommt Exo schon genug Liebe, verbreiten wir also ein wenig Liebe für Topp Dogg!

Ich kann mir vorstellen, dass Topp Dogg eine echte Herausforderung ist für viele, schon allein deshalb, weil es 13 Mitglieder sind. Das ist auch in gewissem Sinne eine echte Herausforderung beim Erstellen der Screenshots gewesen. Auch wenn ich versucht habe, von jedem gleich viele zu machen, ist das nicht immer möglich gewesen.

Ich werde am Ende einmal kurz etwas zu jedem Mitglied sagen, also ist es auch irgendwie eine kleine Vorstellung von Topp Dogg an sich, für all diejenigen, die bei dieser Band noch keinen Überblick haben! : )

Also schauen wir doch mal, was wir hier haben~
Zunächst einen Überblick über das Setting.
TOP DOG - SettingEs war einmal, im wilden Westen… Kleiner Scherz. Dieses Musikvideo ist inspiriert vom Film ‘Mozart’, in dem Salieri, ein italienischer Komponist, als Mozarts direkter Feind auftritt. Über historische Korrektheit schweigen wir hier lieber, denn es geht hier schließlich um…

TOP DOG - Setting (9)Mozart… Allias B-Joo mit Zuckerwatten-Afro…

TOP DOG - Setting (8)…Und Salieri, alias Hansol im bleichen Vampir-Look. Continue reading

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[News] Yanos Mixtape “Fiction” ist draußen!

Kennt ihr Yano? Oder eher: Ya know about him?
Yano ist der süße Maknae der Band Topp Dogg. Nun hat er sein erstes eigenes Mixtape veröffentlicht!
Darauf haben wir ganze 8 Tracks(und ein Skit), wovon eines ein Musikvideo bekommen hat. Eines vorneweg:

Das Mixtape kann völlig kostenfrei heruntergeladen werden.

Kostenfrei… Gratis… Legal… Einfach so!
…Jetzt, wo wir die Aufmerksamkeit haben, kommen wir zu einer kleinen Übersicht:

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