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Review [Minialbum] “Beautiful” by f(x)’s [Amber]

I’m back! And as always I’m drowning in so many awesome songs, I hardly know where to start. So today I brought along a review of my favourite Korean female singer~

Besides 2NE1 the Korean female idol section is mostly just too fluffy and girly for my taste. You agree with me? Well, then Amber might be your hero. Or your lama, seeing as that’s her nickname.
Let’s take a look at the first solo album of f(x)’s rapper and SM’s representative tomboy – Amber!

Amber - Beautiful - Cover

Artist: Amber
Title: Beautiful
Year: 2015
Language: Korean/English

01. Beautiful  – 6.5/10
02. Shake that Brass (feat. SNSD’s Taeyeon) – 8.5/10
03. Love Run – 9/10
04. Heights – 8/10
05. Just wanna (feat. Eric Nam) – 10/10

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[Recommendation] Mini-Mixtape from Andy A47

Our dear Underdogg Andy A47 is back with two really nice songs~
Since this cute little mixtape only includes two songs I don’t think a review is neccessary. I’ll just recommend it to you straight away!

Andy A47 - Underdogg
Album: – Mixtape –
Artist: Andy A47
Year: 2014
Language: Chinese/English
    01. M.I.C (是中华圈的炫耀) (feat. Cross Gene’s Casper)
              02. MA SEOUL CITY

I already wrote about Andy once, but since I like him so much, I’ll gladly repeat myself for those who haven’t heard of him yet:
Maybe you’ve stumbled across the Korean band Topp Dogg? With the intimidating number of 13 members? Well, in a way there are even more members – they’re called “Underdogg” and form a subunit that joins Topp Dogg once in a while and on certain occasions. And in there, between Jiwon and Hyuntae, we have Andy.
So he’s a sort-of Trainee of Stardom who maybe will or won’t join Topp Dogg? Not quite.
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[Random Song] “Disappear” from [The Royal Pirates]

Even though I had something else in mind, I’m gonna squeeze this song in between for now – since I’ve been in a particularly bad mood and this song came in perfectly.
Again, this is a song which is 100% in English and therefore recommendable for anyone… Who likes some rock~!
Additionally this band is still somewhat underrated and my insider-tip ;D


Title: Disappear
Artist: Royal Pirates
Album: –
Year: 2010
Language: English

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[Random Song] “YOUR STEP” from [Yamashita Tomohisa]

Again I’m back with a Japanese… No, not a song, but an artist~! The song is 100% English, though(So it’s even potentially something for the K-Pop fans as well ;)
This is officially the first song of Yama-P that I really fell in love with. Let me introduce to you:


Artist: Tomohisa Yamashita
Album: YOU
Year: 2014
Language: English

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[Random Song] “It’s me” from Andy A 47

I know, I know! Only Random Songs… It’s not that I’m just lazy(though I basically am lazy through and through, but that’s another story); Unfortunately my laptop broke down and this format is the only one that’s easy to do from my mobile phone…
…Anyways, I’m still listening to plenty of songs I can’t keep quiet about.
For example this really nice rap-song:


Title: 我 (“It’s Me”)
Artist: Andy A47
Language: Chinese/English
Year: 2014
Musicvideo: None, but this is the official Track:
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Twinsight is going to be an English blog from now on!

Jubia and I decided at last to turn Twin-Sight into an English blog.
Even though we are both no native speakers we are taking this as an opportunity to train our English further – And to share our love for our hobbies with more people! ♪

Since we started this blog in English, we will slowly translate our old Entries into English and re-upload them.
We are fully aware that we have almost no readers, but if, just if… Someone would like to see any of the articles published in English – Let us know, and we’ll get to them sooner ♪

This was it for now  – Thank you to everyone who came across this site ♥
We’re still Rookies at blogging, but we’ll do our best in the future!

Minnie & Jubia